Making Knowledge Web-Accessible

Having quick and straightforward access to distributed knowledge sources is a critical factor within companies. The combination of Web 2.0 with Semantic Technologies is a suitable solution to this.

Informationen strukturieren

Fachgebiet und Aufgabenstellung einer semantischen Anwendung hat Einfluss auf die Strukturierung des zugehörigen Wissensnetzes. Unser grafisches Modellierungswerkzeug KnowledgeStudio unterstützt Fachexperten bei Aufbau und Pflege der Wissensstrukturen.

Reasoning Systems

Depending on the application, Knowledge Nets differ in terms of their structure and complexity. Our reasoning systems cover a broad range of requirements and provide an ideal starting point for a customized solution. Learn more about our reasoning systems konclude and Rscale.



The scalable and dynamic knowledge store with DB technology


The parallel reasoning system for complex Knowledge Nets